• RAF Mirage Compressor Handwired Pro - Build to order

The ultimate in compression transparency! 

The Hand-wired Pro takes the incredible clarity of the Mirage and makes it even more transparent using Audiophile grade amplifier technology. Designed for the guitarist who "doesn't like compression" but does love sustain and bold tone! This compressor is an extremely musical compressor that is very responsive and full of clarity! You don't get the squashed attack like most compressors. You only get the fullness and longevity, which, let's face it, is what most guitarists love.

The newer REV-9 model adds an attack trim pot allowing you to dial in a more Nashville style pluck-y compression or the smooth compression you came to love from the original Mirage, making it that much more versatile! And when it's made in the great state of North Carolina, what's not to love?

    Meticulously hand wired with the finest components and wrapped in modern graphics.
    Audiophile grade IC chip to bring the SNR to the lowest in the industry. Comparable to high end studio rack compressors.
    Transparency - There are no audible artificial sonic anomalies, imposed on the musical. program. i.e., audible attack and release mechanics. You may ask yourself: "Is it on?"
    Musical - The tonality of the processed music is very natural and pleasing to the discerning ear.
    Compression visual indicator brightens dynamically as compression is sensed.
    Studio Quality in a simple-to-use pedal.
    Tough, Durable and "road ready".
    True Bypass Switching.
    Audiophile grade Polypropylene foil capacitors
    Muse FineGold electrolytic capacitors
    Precision Metal film Resistors
    Heavy clad PCB

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RAF Mirage Compressor Handwired Pro - Build to order

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